Happy New Year EVERYONE!

Today is the opening day of Sleek Physique Fitness 2018.   This year marks the 10th year that I have been a personal trainer.  As I look back on the countless number of people that chose me as the catalyst of their personal transformation journey, it makes my heart PROUD.

When I decided to start my personal training journey, my youngest was 3 and my oldest was 12 and I wanted to have a business that I could work on my terms so that I could be PRESENT in my daughters’ lives without missing those precious MOMENTS.  Today my youngest is 13 and she will be starting High School in the Fall and my oldest is 22, a college graduate and lives in Beijing, China.  I was there every step of the way – games, plays and everything else in between.  SLEEK PHYSIQUE  has afforded me the opportunity and flexibility to say Who and When I want to train while still providing my Sleek Physique family (clients) with top notch service that I can still say to this day that you can’t get from a “GYM” and we can’t forget guaranteed RESULTS.

For this, I am forever GRATEFUL to everyone that supported me and chose SLEEK PHYSIQUE FITNESS.  Cheers to you and the next 10 years of personal growth and happiness.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of Sleek Physique, all fitness programs are 25% OFF from now through January 31st! Just go to www.sleekphysique.com/programs. When registering just enter 25OFF as your coupon code.

With your health and success in mind.





Looking to shed pounds quickly, then HIIT is what you want to do.

If you’ve ever played sports growing up, you know the feeling of being told to do burpees during conditioning. The team couldn’t get past full 4 burpees let alone 10 but for some reason the coach made you all do them at the beginning or end of each practice. Burpees, as well as many other similar workouts, are a form of a workout called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT tend to be the hardest but worthwhile workouts out there. Exercises that incorporate HIIT tire you out quicker than most other workouts but help you lose weight faster in the process. If you are serious about losing weight and losing weight in a short period of time these type of workout are what you should include in your exercise routine.

These type of workouts are not only good for your heart and muscles but can also help you burn a massive amount of calories in a short time frame. Another good thing about HIIT workouts is that they’re just a different way of doing things you already know. So no extra learning is really required when doing these workouts.  

Aside from Burpees, some HIIT workouts include:

  • Cardio Blast: For this workout, you will be doing cardio. For 30 seconds to a minute you will be walking or jogging at a normal pace then for the next 30 seconds to a minute you will be sprinting as fast as you can. Then go back to walking or jogging for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat for the duration of your workout which is usually for about 10 to 15 minutes. This could be done on a treadmill or outside at your local track!
  • Mountain Climbers: This workout is another well-known exercise that people may not know is considered a form of HIIT. For this workout, you will start in a full plank position. Keeping your back straight and our body weight right over your hands you will pull one leg to our check at a time (in a sense run in place). This workout usually calls for 20 reps on each side (meaning each leg should be pulled in at least 20 times).
  • Anything with jumping: jump squats, jump rope, and jumping jacks are all forms of HIIT workouts that can be incorporated in any workout set you do. These exercises are pretty self-explanatory and easy to do. Anything that gets your heartbeat up in a short amount of time could be considered a form of HIIT.

Some people like spending countless hours in the gym every day by doing cardio and other long-winded exercises. Others would rather get as much done in the shortest amount of time possible. If you are like the second type of people HIIT workouts are for you. Exercises that aid in weight loss tend to vary from person to person but this type of workout is known to help people of all shapes and sizes lose weight.  So the next time someone tells you they lost a massive amount of weight by doing burpees, believe them!



Infrared Spa

Let’s talk about sweat.  Many people are not fans of sweating.  It’s sticky, wet, and you feel gross while doing it.  Like it or not, sweating is a normal bodily function that we all do, and even if you don’t enjoy the feeling of your own body fluids sticking to your skin on a hot day, you can at least recognize that it is helping to keep you cool in the sun, and that it means you are doing something right in your exercise routine.  In fact, some people love the benefits of sweating so much, that they go into saunas for hours so they can sweat their anxieties away.  The steam from a sauna is supposed to clear the skin, and increase circulation within the muscles, easing tension and promoting relaxation.  That makes sweating not sound so bad, right?

Now, sweating is being taken to new heights with a very special type of sauna treatment known as infrared saunas.  This treatment has been all over the news as of lately, obtaining praise from celebrity personal trainers, and buzzfeed writers alike.  With claims being made about these saunas such as “being in one for an hour will burn 1,000 calories,” or “being in one gives you a natural high,” it is hard to know exactly just how safe, or legitimate this treatment is.

So, what exactly is an infrared sauna?  As the name would suggest, it is an infrared light ray that gets absorbed into your skin, and “detoxifies,” you from bacteria while helping you feel healthy and relaxed.  Unlike a regular sauna, which heats up the air surrounding you, an infrared sauna raises your body’s core temperature, causing you to have a more intense sweat.  The main benefits of the treatment are supposed to be clearer skin, pain relief, and even in some cases, weight loss due to the amount of calories that get burned.  The whole process lasts about an hour, and leaves clients feeling “like they are floating.”

I suppose at this point, you’re asking the same questions as I am: Do these work?  Are they safe?  How can I get myself to one of these saunas?  Unfortunately, like many of these new supposedly “miracle” treatments, none of the claims made about it are backed up by science, so there is no way of knowing if the benefits are true, or simply placebo.  Like any regular sauna, you do not want to be in there for too long, or else you risk becoming dehydrated from the loss of water in your body.  You also probably want to stay away from them if you have cardiovascular problems, because of blood pressure levels.  Other than that, there really aren’t any reported cases of infrared saunas harming anyone, so you should be safe to sweat to your heart’s content.

If you live in a major city, like New York or LA, you are in luck!  There are a number of wellness centers that offer infrared treatments, from the traditional room treatment, to infrared beds that you can lay in while scrolling through Netflix.  The most popular places in New York at the moment are HigherDOSE, DTX Cellular Evolution, and Floating Lotus.  A regular hour long treatment for one usually goes for about $65, so it is probably best to save your visit for a special occasion. You can also take advantage of the 2 people for $80 deal at HigherDOSE if your friend is also in the mood to have the best shvitz of their life.  If you happen to be a sweat addict, and you’re looking for a way to detoxify your skin, or just trying to find some peace of mind, then an infrared sauna may just be what you are looking for.


Intermittent Fasting

We’ve been told since we were children that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and maybe even scolded when we headed off to school on an empty stomach. But, there’s no actual scientific proof that missing that first meal of the day is bad for you!

Calorie restriction is one of the best, scientifically-backed ways to lose or maintain weight. But continuously eating fewer calories every day can lead to grumpy moods, constantly hungry stomachs, and unbearable cravings! But there are more manageable ways to receive the same benefits– intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is exactly what it sounds like, shorter periods of time where the participant will go without eating. It’s definitely not traditional, and maybe a difficult concept for someone who never forgets a meal, but rather plans their whole day around food! The regime has been followed for religious and cultural purposes, but now is reaching the mainstream for being a safe and effective way to lose weight and burn more fat.

Many fitness junkies and celebrities like Terry Crews applauding the diet for maintaining their bodies, along with a variety of other health benefits that slow the aging process. There are a few ways to participate, such as the 5:2 method or the time-restricted feeding. The first entails eating normally 5 days a week and spending the other 2 days only taking in 25% percent of your energy needs. The latter, and most popular method is shortening your eating window. So instead of eating a nutritious breakfast right when you wake up, you would start eating at 12-2pm and begin fasting from 8-10pm. Which means you won’t be eating for 16 hours (but you’ll be sleeping for about half of those.)

Now, fasting isn’t for everyone. It takes a routinized schedule, a lot of self-control and making sure that when you are eating, it’s a good, nutritious meal. Many who decide to try out Intermittent fasting begin slowly, working their way up to a full-time schedule on the diet or begin with 1-2 days a week. They also will have a cup of tea or coffee and work in a gym-session either right when they wake up or right before the fast ends. It certainly is a simple diet plan but is not the easiest (although no “diet” ever tends to be easy!)

Intermittent fasting research suggests that by restricting your feeding window/ reducing calories every other day (to about 500) can improve blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, ward off neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) and even prolong your lifespan. Feeling energized and improvement in mood also are reported to be benefits of intermittent fasting.

Remember, the best diet is the one that you can maintain for virtually the rest of your life– and many people find Intermittent fasting to be a simple, weight maintaining, eating pattern rather than a fad diet program. Make sure to consult your doctor before beginning a diet such as Intermittent fasting to ensure that it’s right for you.


Plant-Based Diet

Diets: they’re hard to follow but easy to come by, so what’s the right one?

Sorry, meat-lovers & carnivores (you might not like this one!) but research has consistently proven that eating a plant-based diet (Vegan and Vegetarian) is one of the best diets you can follow. Many of the chronic diseases and illnesses that affect a large portion of the United States population (think heart disease, diabetes, cancer) are oftentimes triggered by a diet high in meat and animal products. The secret to a long life may be to cut these or limit them in your everyday diet.

Eating a plant-based diet, first and foremost, is ideal for heart health and for losing or maintaining weight. This is because animal products are the only source of saturated fats, which are associated with weight gain and cardiovascular disease. Following a plant-based diet can also promise lower blood pressure levels, lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, and improved insulin function (and that’s especially great news for type-2 diabetics!). Diets that plant-based also are associated with better digestion because eating more plants means more fiber and healthier digestive bacteria.

In addition to the healthier lifestyle that eating plant-based creates for people, it can also contribute to a healthier environment. The production of raising livestock for consumption uses a lot of resources and produces a lot of waste products. Such as the statistic from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that livestock production is the culprit of 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions. Forgoing meat and animal products is good for you and reduces your carbon footprint!

So I know, there are a lot of concerns about going vegan or vegetarian, some including protein sources or inability to eat anything good. But It’s really not so bad! As someone who was a vegetarian for 7 years, eating wholesome, nutritious foods can actually be really tasty! Here’s a sample of a day’s worth of meals that is completely vegan (see below). Of course, if you’re interested in reaping the benefits of this diet you can always cut things out slowly, like not eating red meat, or not drinking milk anymore.

Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with cut up strawberries

Mid-morning snack: Handful of almonds or Carrot sticks & Hummus

Lunch: Rice & Black Beans (with chopped red onion, avocado & shredded lettuce)

Dinner: Tofu & Veggie stir fry (with broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn, spinach, etc.)


Guest Post – TOP 10 WAYS TO STOP A FOOD CRAVING IN ITS TRACKS! by Alexandra Fioriello

It’s 3 pm and there it is. Staring at me right in the face: The craving monster emerges and screams: I WANT CHOCOLATE! It always happens around the same time, every day. I had to get creative and experiment different ways to curb the 3pm cravings or it would get the best of me every time. Hey, I’m not saying you shouldn’t give in once in a while but when it becomes a habit, then keep reading on…

  1. PLAN A: WAIT IT OUT: Cravings come and go, like any emotion. First, identify whether you are really hungry. You can tell if it is hunger because, in those situations, any type of food would satisfy you but a craving is different in that your mind is screaming for a specific food, usually an unhealthy one. So if it is not hunger related, wait about 10-15 minutes and focus on something else, usually, the craving disappears on its own.
  2. PLAN B: If you have gone more than 3 or 4 hours without eating and you are actually hungry but are craving something sweet, greasy or fried, you will be less likely to give into that craving if you have a healthy snack on hand. In these cases, it’s best to snack on protein and fiber. It has been shown that foods with both nutrients are filling and also energizing, and it takes a while for your body to digest them so they stay in your system longer. Nuts like pistachios and almonds have lots of protein and fiber and can wipe out cravings.
  3. DRINK WATER: Sometimes hunger is confused with thirst. So have a tall glass of water instead.
  4. TAP YOUR FOOT OR FOREHEAD: You’ll definitely look weird, but it apparently works! According to researchers from the Weight Loss Program at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City, a study found that tapping your forehead or foot for 30 seconds can minimize the intensity of a craving, as well as blur the image of the food you crave in your brain.
  5. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Accept and allow the thoughts of the craving to occur and perceive these thoughts as something you don’t need to act on. Conversely, you can also focus on the negative long-term consequences of eating those unhealthy options.
  6. DISTRACT YOURSELF BY DOING SOMETHING: TAKE A WALK. WORK ON A PUZZLE. TEXT OR CHAT ON THE PHONE (yes, people still do that). Do something that will get you thinking about something else.
  7. HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF WHAT YOU CRAVE… and eat something healthy with it: Research shows that having a taste (e.g., a handful, a spoonful or half a serving) of what you’re craving – and accompanying it with something more nutritious (such as berries with a scoop of ice cream) –  can leave you satisfied and won’t side track your weight loss progress or your health journey. Mind you, it’s important to keep the portion small, to eat slowly, to focus on the food so that you enjoy it and not just scarf it down mindlessly.
  8. BRUSH YOUR TEETH:  I save this strategy for my late evening snacking, especially when it’s close to bedtime. Around this time, my guards are down and I’m more tempted to indulge in something unhealthy or join my kids or husband into their goody stash. Brushing your teeth actually works 80% of the time. Not only you won’t want to mess up your teeth with sticky foods and have to wash them again, the smell or taste of peppermint is known to suppress appetite.
  9. In line with number 8: Have a cup of peppermint tea or fresh mint flavored water with cucumbers or lemon.
  10. TAKE A NAP OR GO TO BED: When it’s close to bedtime, we are tired; we are more likely to make bad, unhealthy food decisions. The best thing to do is JUST GO TO BED at that point.

There is a multitude of other ways to get around a craving so that they don’t interfere in your health journey or weight loss goals. You gotta find a couple that work for you. But also try to look at the big picture. Don’t get obsessed with controlling your cravings. We are human, we will want ice cream, or a glass of wine or that extra cookie once in a while. It’s not worth feeling guilty about it or beating yourself up about it. Life happens and we need to let it happen. The trick is balance.  Enjoy life, taste life and get the best out of life.

What do you do to fend off cravings?


Alexandra Fioriello is the founder of Fabmindfitbody, a blog about living a happy and healthy life in mind and body. She writes about fitness, positive mindset, nutrition tips and meal prepping. She is a mom of 2 girls, has a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a die-hard fan of Wonder Woman. She strongly believes in empowering women to live to their full potential and create their best life. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Transformation Tuesday – Marygrace Brennan

Meet Marygrace!

An event planner in Westchester. I met Marygrace at a bridal show that I participated in as a vendor. During the show, I usually walk around to connect with the local businesses.  I walked pass her exquisitely designed table display, introduced myself, and we exchanged information.  That was the official beginning of our friendship.

As I mentioned in my last transformation article, I recently ran a promotion that was geared towards women entrepreneurs.  As a business owner myself, I understand the pitfalls that can plague a lot of people, especially business owners as it pertains to adhering to a fitness program.  I reached out to Marygrace and extended an offer to her to try a FREE session with SLEEK PHYSIQUE. She accepted and the journey began.

During our initial consultation, Marygrace described herself as having “gymtimidation,” in addition to her sensitive back issues which ultimately resulted in her not achieving her fitness goals and desires. She expressed that she wanted to lose those nagging five pounds that seemed to never go away after you have children. Not only that, but also she wanted to gain more energy that she felt she needed, especially at the beginning of bridal season.  With that in mind, I expressed that she would LOVE Pilates Reformer exercises.  She agreed to come once a week for Pilates ONLY and commit to a healthier eating meal plan.  After only a few short weeks, Marygrace began to see the inches melt off and the compliments started rolling in, and it felt GOOD.

The results are in and in ten sessions Marygrace lost 5 lbs and 7 inches.  As I already knew, you are a phenomenal woman.

Much success to you in life and with your business, @eventsbymarygrace


Cupping, Sleek PhysiqueIf you didn’t watch the Rio Olympics, you’ve probably seen or heard about the Olympians with what looked like large, painful, and purple skin bruises. These circular marks come from one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine practices, called “cupping.” The cups can be made from glass, bamboo or earthenware and are applied to the skin over acupuncture points. During treatment, the air inside the cups form a suction effect that stimulates the blood flow to aid in pain relief.

Dr. Lin Zhi-xiu, registered Chinese medicine practitioner says, “Cupping therapy is said to have the therapeutic effects of warming the meridians* and invigorating the small vessels, enhancing qi (pronounced chee) movement and removing blood stasis, dissolving swell and stopping pain, expelling wind and cold pathogens.” Some of the many conditions that can be treated, according to Dr. Lin are rheumatic pain, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries to the muscles and joints, numbness of the limbs, and other acute or chronic pains such as abdominal pain, back pain, menstrual pain and headache.

Cupping therapy is specifically used for alleviating pain in the muscles and can help the tissues to release toxins, as the Daily Post states, and although cupping does leave marks, it is not painful throughout or even after treatment. “Cupping is actually very comfortable, and once a patient receives the treatment, they often request it each time they come in,” says Robin Fan, of National University of Health Sciences. “Because it reduces muscular tension, it works well on conditions where there is muscular pain or achiness.” “However, since we can apply the technique to key acupuncture points, it can be therapeutic for almost any health condition if done by a properly trained practitioner. This can include digestive problems, blood pressure issues, skin conditions and more.” Dr. Fan adds that cupping can even be used for cosmetic purposes like treating cellulite and vein problems.

A study in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences, found that cupping therapy eases chronic and acute pain. More studies suggested that when compared with over the counter drugs or other usual care, like heat therapy, cupping provides a more effective and significant impact. Keep in mind, it is important to visit your doctor before trying any new practice. Happy Cupping!

* According to Chinese Medicine, “meridians” are collections of acupuncture points. By connecting and uniting different parts of our body, meridians provide the transport service for the fundamental substances of qi, blood, and body fluids.


Guest Post from Sarah Welton-Lair – 7 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Workout Plan

Sarah Welton-Lair - The Journal of Impossible Dreams

7 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Workout Plan

How many of you can relate to this scenario? You decide it’s time to make a life change and start exercising, so you make a plan and get started. After four days of doing the same exact moves and not making any progress, you decide to take a day off. At that point, it’s already too late, and you never return to your exercise habit.

It’s okay, this happens to everyone. In fact, it happened to me multiple times before I finally developed a routine that stuck. The thing is, not every exercise plan is sustainable for every person, so creating a good workout plan requires some thought and intention. I believe, however, that everyone is capable of exercising consistently, so here are seven tips to help you get a long-lasting workout routine.

  1. Know that being a beginner is fine.

Everybody has to start somewhere, and it’s okay to feel awkward and out-of-shape when first starting to exercise. After all, that’s the whole point. You’re exercising to improve yourself, to lose/maintain/gain weight, and to get stronger. Don’t compare yourself to trainers, athletes, or even your neighbor down the street who’s been exercising consistently for a year. Instead, focus on doing your personal best every single day. Maybe that means doing only 1 push-up and 10 sit-ups every day. That’s completely fine. Even those few moves will make you stronger, bit by bit.

Sarah Welton-Lair - The Journal of Impossible Dreams

  1. Start with what you know.

When you’re just starting out, choose a type and amount of exercise that you know you will succeed at. There’s nothing more discouraging than finally getting the motivation to exercise only to be unable to complete your plan every day. When I began exercising, I started with 31 days of yoga. I have taken dance since I was three years old, so I was already flexible and had a good sense of balance. Yoga seemed like the natural extension of those skills, and I was able to do every routine successfully. This was instrumental in giving me the motivation to try more challenging things.

If you choose a type of exercise that allows you to be successful early on, you will feel empowered and capable. Then later, you can try things out of your comfort zone, and if you fail, it won’t drain you of motivation. If you know you have strong legs but weak arms, start with leg exercises and tackle arms once you’ve been exercising for a while. If you have a lot of endurance but not a lot of strength, do a form of cardio. If you’re not strong in any area, then just limit the difficulty of your exercise, that way you can succeed every day. You may not see results as quickly at the beginning, but it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Do what you love.

Choose a form of exercise that you actually enjoy. Running on a treadmill may be an efficient way to do cardio, but if you find it boring, you won’t be able to force yourself to do it every single day. Instead, try something like Zumba, which provides variety and fun music while still giving you a good workout. Determination won’t be enough to keep you exercising long-term if you hate what you’re doing, so figure out what you like and stick to that, at least in the beginning.

  1. Find a friend.

Sarah Welton-Lair - The Journal of Impossible Dreams Having a friend along can make lots of activities more fun, and exercising is no exception. Sharing the struggle makes it more bearable, and you can talk, laugh together, and encourage each other during the whole ordeal. Perhaps more importantly, a friend can help motivate you to work harder and exercise more consistently than you would on your own. Seeing your friend do 25 push-ups might give you the motivation to do a few more than you normally would. Plus, it’s hard to give yourself a day off from exercise when your friend is waiting for you at the gym.

  1. Train for an event.

If you try all the previous tips and you still have trouble exercising consistently, there’s another, more radical way to get you moving—sign up for a fitness event. You can go as big as a marathon or as small as a 5K, as simple as a walk for cancer or as complex as an obstacle course race. The point is that when you sign up for a fitness event, you commit yourself to doing it. Once you’ve signed up, you’re locked in, and you have two options: either you anxiously await the day of your event and waste your money when you don’t finish, or you get off the couch and start training. Having a fitness event hanging over your head may be intimidating, but that’s exactly what you want. You will be forced to exercise in preparation, and when the day comes, you will succeed. And when you succeed, you will learn that you are capable of doing a lot more than you think you are.

  1. Get a streak going.

If you can force yourself to exercise every day for one week, you have a much higher likelihood of continuing to exercise, simply because you have a streak going. When you’re tempted to skip a day of exercise, if you can think back on how many days you have successfully worked out, you won’t want to break that run just because you’re not in the mood. The longer the streak, the less you’ll want to ruin it, and so your exercise habit will reinforce itself as you make your streak ever longer.

  1. Remember that it gets better.

If you continue to exercise regularly, there will come a time when it will become a natural and even enjoyable part of your life. It may take weeks, months, or even years to get to this point, but once you start to move and get stronger, you will dread the absence of exercise more than its presence. When I took dance, I would usually be in the studio five days a week, and it became such a regular part of my life that I could feel my joints stiffening uncomfortably after only three or four days off. Going back to dance was the only way to find relief. That kind of thing also happens with other forms of exercise. When you work out regularly, taking a break for more than a day or two will make you feel antsy and unhappy. So just remember that if you keep working, it will become satisfying and even enjoyable to exercise daily.

Hopefully, these tips will give you the boost you need to get into the habit of exercising. Although it may be hard sometimes, working out regularly will seem entirely worth it when you are strong and in shape. Thank you so much for reading! I do not claim to be an expert but merely wish to share my experiences so others can see that regular people can achieve dreams.

Author Bio:

Sarah Welton-Lair - The Journal of Impossible Dreams My name is Sarah Welton-Lair, and I have big plans for my life. My dad took me on my first real hike when I was three years old, and since then I have been hooked on adventure. I hope to live my life the absolute fullest, and I have created a blog called The Journal of Impossible Dreams to help me do that. To see what’s on my bucket list, go here. To learn what led to the creation of this project and why I’m doing all this, go here. Also, follow me on social media: Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, TwitterPinterest, YouTube.

Collagen – What’s all the hype about? And why you should start using it?

Collagen SupplmentsCollagen: the new, favorite catchword that you’ve constantly been hearing about. Whether it’s collagen infused facial masks, pills, powders or other products, they all claim to have the same effect: to “rejuvenate your skin from the inside-out, keeping you looking young and fresh longer.” This sounds great, but still, what exactly is collagen and who’s to say these supplements or powders will work for everyone?

Collagen is found in your skin, bones, blood vessels, tendons, and digestive system. It’s the richest protein in your body. It replaces dead skin cells and strengthens your skin’s elasticity. In other words, it’s the “glue” that keeps your skin and body tight. Sadly, collagen cells degrade with age and your body starts to produce less. As the weakening process begins in your 20s and 30s, wrinkles start showing and skin starts to loosen, says dermatologist Dr. Hayley Goldbach. While aging is inevitable and some supplements may or may not work for everyone, there are some lifestyle changes to consider before you go out and spend tons of money on collagen products.

Dermatologist George Sun says the best method to increase the production of your skin’s collagen is to use sunblock everyday, even in the winter. A helpful tip is to find a moisturizer with SPF in it. Make sure your moisturizer also has vitamins B, C, and Retin- A.  If you’re a smoker, it’s time to kiss it good-bye. According to Ask Women Net, the nicotine in cigarettes causes decline in the production of collagen causing you to age faster.

Facialist expert Cherry Woods suggests the best way for your skin to become a collagen-producing machine is to focus on your diet. “Reduce sugar intake diet to limit the glycation process and step up your Vitamin C intake, which will assist in stimulating collagen production. Our skin is constantly fighting free radical damage during exposure to high levels of stress, pollution and processed food, and this damage causes harm to collagen. In order to fight this damage and protect your collagen, eat foods that are rich in Co-enzyme Q (such as mackerel fish) Vitamin E (such as almonds) and plenty of Vitamin C (such as citrus fruits).”

If you want to add a collagen supplement to your beauty regime, remember that not all supplements are created equal. Marine collagen has been recognized as one of the most effective supplements. It absorbs 1.5 times more powerfully in the body than other forms of collagen. Marine collagen is produced using fish skin and scales. Now, collagen from fish skin might sound cruel, but it actually helps decrease environmental pollution and these skin parts are usually thrown away by the seafood industry anyways.

Nevertheless, collagen levels will diminish naturally over time. But, by taking precautionary measures, it’s  possible to keep your skin healthy for longer.