What’s the SKINNY on Carb Cycling?

What’s the SKINNY on Carb Cycling? and How Does It Work?

There are so many diet options out here for you to be successful on losing weight and there are twice as many that keep us asking ourselves “why did I try that?”  But, one thing for sure, is that we all know that an excess of carbs will leave us craving for more and it will go straight to the middle (belly fat), in case you didn’t know what I meant.  On the other hand, when we are dieting and exercising we need those carbs for energy and that’s when Carb Cycling makes sense.

How It Works

Carb cycling utilizes a weekly regimen of high and low carb days.  High carb days help promote muscle growth by replenishing glycogen stores and stimulating insulin response while low carb days help promote fat loss while preventing weight gain as the body burns fat for fuel rather than dietary carbs.

Choosing Carbs

Due to the heavy influence on the body, the focus is on carbs rather than fats or proteins.  For fat loss, on high carb days choose simple carbs that are high in glucose or complex carbs that break down into glucose.  Starchy vegetable, whole grains and other complex carbs keep you feeling satisfied and energized for longer periods so you won’t feeling like overeating.  Avoid fructose-based carbs such as high fructose corn syrup that are not as easily stored in the muscles and are more likely to become fat.

When To Cycle

Typically, you can alternate between high and low carb days, but of course for faster weight loss, you can have fewer high carb days.  For muscle gain, you can have more high carb days than low but, avoid putting two high carb days back to back.  On heavy training days, it’s advised to load up on the carbs for fuel during your workout.

Building A Meal Plan

Whichever plan you choose make sure that you stay within your calorie range for weight loss.  If you are not sure what that is for you, seek the recommendation of your healthcare provider.  Typically, you will want to eat plenty of protein, starchy vegetable and healthy fats on heavy workout days and on low-carb days, you can eat lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables.

Water Weight Gain

On high carb days, water weight accumulation is higher, your body will store 4 grams of water for every 1 gram of carbs.  Although this is temporary weigh gain, it is not to be confused with fat gain.  The water weight will decrease in about a day or so.

So, now that you know there is a more satisfying and healthier way to start a low carb diet, I encourage to explore the diet more thoroughly to truly see if this is a viable option for you and as always please seek the advice of your health care provider.

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